1901289_729722780391296_410221093_n“The building that once housed East Melbourne’s Café Balzac (opened by artist Mirka Mora in the late 1950s) has been through multiple incarnations, but the latest, a bar/diner called The Tippler & Co, is perhaps the most relaxed and charming version yet.” Gourmet Traveller, February 2014

“…this flexible bar-diner honours its predecessors by understanding the way that we like to eat and drink…Ideally located for pre-and post MCG imbibing, the Tippler has the appealing and inclusive feel that all local bar-diners strive for.”  Michael Harden, Epicure, February 2014

“Tucked into a small but well-designed space on Wellington Parade, this new bar/restaurant boasts a clean wood-based aesthetic, and a detail-oriented selection of food and drink that somehow feels both innovative and unpretentious all at once.” Concrete Playground, March 2014

 “The happy buzz of the bar flows into the restaurant to give it an infectious vibe where you can shape your evening. Whether popping in for a pint or whiling away the evening with tapas and cocktails, you’ll feel totally at home at The Tippler & Co.”  Free and Single, May 2014

“A local boozer with finesse, it’s quite obviously been designed to give the locals somewhere relaxed to kick back, but is just naturally also the perfect place to prop for a brew or bite before the game. It fits both bills perfectly.” Ela Carte, 3AW, May 2014

“Our favourite cocktail for the evening, the Good Morning Vietnam, had the perfect balance between sweet and savoury. We loved the slight acidity from the lime juice which cut through the sweetness of the lemongrass sugar syrup and the overlay of fragrant Vietnamese mint.” Gastrology, November 2014

Ela Carte’s Best of 2014 – Best Bar: Honourable mention to The Tippler and Co, East Melbourne. 3AW, December 2014.

“Built upon a serious passion for hospitality, this new eatery is the ideal place to settle in with friends as you share your way through the fun, varied menu. As the name suggests, the beverage game here is strong, featuring cocktails, a carefully curated wine selection and plenty of local craft beers.” Urban Walkabout, January 2015

“The biggest food and drink secret in East Melbourne has to be The Tippler & Co. While having a small street front presence, its location bursts with plenty of potential within its charming three storey brick building. The Tippler & Co. is the answer for when the city dining and drinking scene has gotten ‘same same’ and something more authentic is required.” The Modern Connoisseur, October 2015

“And this is what The Tippler & Co. does so well, they just understand how food should taste. It’s never bland or overseasoned, they just hit the mark consistently and they do it so effortlessly.” One Piece Left, November 2015

It has played host to numerous artists and celebrities over the years, including Gregory Peck, Ava Gardner, Graham Kennedy, Charles Blackman, John Perceval and, of course, Georges and Mirka Mora. Now a little slice of history, long thought gone, has been rediscovered at the former Cafe Balzac in East Melbourne: a mural by Mirka Mora herself.” Hannah Francis, The Age, August 2016

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