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T  H  E    M  A  N    B  E  H  I  N  D    T  H  E    B  A  R


Gus McAllister has always had a passion for hospitality. Whilst working in many pubs and bars to support his university studies, it became apparent that hospitality – rather than science – was his calling. With the dream of opening his own bar, Gus then set about building up his knowledge within the industry. Extensive tasting ‘research’, a long stint in Europe, and more than 15 years working and studying in hospitality, have all helped Gus get ready for The Tippler & Co.

I  T    T  A  K  E  S    T  W  O

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Sometime during the early days of bar dreaming, Gus met Nicole Murnane. Nicole, like Gus, had moved to the city to study a Bachelor of Science (and Arts) at Melbourne University. But, unlike her now husband, Nicole decided that science was her calling and continued on that path into science education. During their 10 month tour of Europe in a campervan together, Nicole grew to share Gus’ vision of developing a bar and eatery in Melbourne. Somewhere between the beautiful wine regions of Europe, visits to numerous cafes, bars and eateries, and conversations dominated by boutique this and local that, The Tippler & Co concept was born.

T  H  E    V  E  N  U  E


In mid 2013, after almost 6 months of searching, the venue at 58-60 Wellington Parade in East Melbourne – the former site of Cafe Balzac – was secured. Just a stone’s throw from Yarra Park, and well serviced by public transport, the couple envisaged it as the perfect venue for a midweek tipple, a meeting spot for friends or a must stop on the way to the MCG. Since then, the two of them, along with the help of numerous family members, friends and tradespeople, set about turning the tired space into an inviting bar and eatery where everyone can enjoy their favourite drink, try something new and have a great time doing it.

With refurbishments now a distant memory, Gus and Nic are thrilled to see their vision come to life. Doors have been open for nearly three years now and as time goes on, The Tippler & Co will continue to evolve, so be sure to stay in touch via social media or subscribe to our mailing list.

Pouring the 'local' at the Carpenters Arms, London

A young Gus pouring the ‘local’ at the Carpenters Arms, London 2010

Nicole trying out some of the local street food, Istanbul.

Nic trying out some of the local street food, Istanbul 2010


Celebrating two years of The Tippler & Co, 2015